About Us

Wrestlehost was formed in July of 2011 by a die-hard wrestling fan in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Having been involved with various aspects of professional wrestling at one point or another over his 40 years, from helping promote indy shows to ring announcing and even refereeing, he has become close friends with many independent wrestlers and wrestling legends alike.

After speaking with many independent wrestlers and promoters, he realized that most wrestlers and companies could not afford the one thing they needed most to take their careers & companies to the next level:  a professional website that hi-lighted their image and talent.

Having been in the webdesign/webhosting business for a decade, he knew that reputable designers charged anywhere from $3,000-$10,000 for a professionally designed website.

Also knowing that many indy wrestlers work for very little money…often $25 a night, they can’t afford thousands of dollars for a website to promote their image and talents to other promoters across the country and in other countries.  They hone their craft and put their bodies on the line for small payoffs for the love of the business and the hope that someday, they’ll make it to “The Show”

Independent promoters often run on a deficit…often taking money out of their own personal savings to pay their workers in the hopes that they’ll make the lost money up on the next show if they can get more fans in the seats.  They, also, cannot afford thousands of dollars to have a website designed to promote their product.

This is where WrestleHost comes into play.  We’ll make you a clean, professional website at a price you can afford!

Check out WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke talking about WrestleHost!

Your own website is no longer out of reach!  We’re here to make it happen!

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